FBI Agent
I explored lighting effects, that create contrast and glow. The complimentary colors of her hair and attire work harmoniously in guiding the viewer's eye. The subtle raising of her brow creates a sense of curiosity, or perhaps skepticism, of whom she is  observing. 
The Sea Captain's Watch
A Character morph of a man and Lobster in the deep sea.  This Prince of the Sea stumbles upon a watch, which appears to have fallen from the Sea Captain's ship overhead. From the polished shell, to the matte finish of legs, I explored the use of light and shadow on texture to create an interesting composition.
Swamp Bender
Inspired by the Avatar TV series, I created a female character from the swamp marshes. Here I pushed my boundaries of learning fabric and hair flow, perspective, and fluid movements within the water and vines.
This illustration captures a playful and curiosity-driven love story. The background became a useful resource in telling the theme, and the soft pastel colors give it a light-hearted, playful mood. It entraps the viewer's eye in a full circle, looking from the girls eyes, following the tail, to the eyes of the merman.
Figure Drawing
A study of Human Anatomy and muscle contour and flex shapes

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